3 Key Networking Tips

Networking is probably old as the job search itself. In today’s day and age, it is not only vital, but there is no excuse not to network, what with the plethora of social networking sites available.

One recommended tactic is to get in touch with friends both old and new via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. New connections provide efficiency and novelty, and old connections enable both trust and a shared perspective.

Management of one’s resources is also of utmost import. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman recommends performing a simple inventory. In one day, look back at the past five months of your calendar and see what people you spend the most time with. Is socializing with them worthwhile? Within the subsequent week, introduce strangers among your professional ties who ought to meet each other. This will strengthen connections within your connections. During this time, imagine that you suddenly might lose your job. Think carefully about ten contacts you would call for referrals. By no means should you wait until the last minute. Within the next month, find a new acquaintance who you would like to know better. Forward him an article or a job posting in which he may be interested.

In addition to everything else, set aside a portion of your paycheck to use for networking-oriented travel and meals for both old and new contacts.

Another method, recommended by the Harvard Business Review is to inventory the key contacts and remember how you met. Write this list on the left hand side of a piece of paper, and then in the center column, write the people who introduced you to your contacts. If you met these people yourself, write “ME” in said column. This will help you identify the most influential members of your social circle.

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