3 Tips for Making the Most of Events

When is an event not an event?

When you don’t have a plan.

It’s easy to show up somewhere, order a drink, and schmooze. That’s the beauty of the Schmoozd event, when the pressure was off, people could just hang out and make connections. But even in a relaxed social setting like Schmoozd, there just might be a better way of maximizing your time and making things happen.

Here’s three tips:

[1]  Know who’s going to be there. Whether the event has 30, 300, or 3000 people, identify who you want to talk to to. Pick the 5 people you know have something to say.

[2]  Create an agenda: most business meetings are absolute failures because they have no agenda. Same too with events: enter the room knowing who you’re going to talk to and what you’re going to say. Practice your pitch and then go find the guys you want to connect with.

[3]  Define your metrics for success: If you’ve talked to the 5 on your hit list and received permission to outreach to them later, you can probably chalk that up as a pretty good use of time. If you met a few other connections on your way out, hey, it might even be a homerun. But what about if you only talk to three of your people? Be precise in knowing what success looks like to you – and don’t stop until you get there.

For many people, it’s not easy getting out there and rubbing elbows. No worries. The beauty about an event is you know people want to talk and meet, or they wouldn’t be there.

So let your guard down and start wheeling and dealing. Events, if done right, can really pay off.

And point #4? Have Fun! Sometimes we all forget that one.

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