3 Ways Fun Ways To Build Your Startup’s Online Reputation

During Labor Day Weekend 2011, Activision hosted its first ever Call Of Duty XP celebration, a two day event that featured two days of Call Of Duty tournaments played on 1,000 X-Boxes, a preview of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer edition and a first glimpse of Call Of Duty Elite. As if that wasn’t enough, the event also featured a paintball course and a performance by rapper Kanye West. As a result of the extravagances, Activision’s page count went up by a whopping 675% and the dollar amount generated by sales of the latest installment in the Call Of Duty franchise reached and breached one billion.

Of course, such an event would prove to be expensive, and only a company like Activision, who has achieved over thirty years of success, would be able to afford throwing such a shindig, especially when you factor in the cost of Kanye’s appearance. That being said, here are a few fun methods to promote your startup and build your online reputation.

Set up a photobooth. When people go to an event and have a good time like they knew they would, they often will want to take pictures in the interest of better remembering the event. At a photobooth, they can mug for the camera, and considering the evolution of computer technology, some photobooths can be set up so that these portraits are uploaded right to the cloud! As a result, the pictures can instantly reach the masses via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social scavenger hunts. House Beautiful promoted its “All About Green” issue by placing 19 green chairs around Washington D.C., posting clues via Facebook and Twitter, and awarding the chairs to the first person that found them. This particular stunt was a success, not only because it enabled the interaction of a crowd by using an incentive, but also because the prize in question was tied into something being marketed by the Hearst Corporation.

Livestream, livestream, livestream. Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to reach out to cloud users is to livestream an event or a conference. If you provide an audience with something valuable, be it instructional or entertaining, they are likely to share the video among their peers. Case in point, Coca-Cola celebrated a century and a quarter of their famous soft drink by broadcasting a concert featuring performances by hip hop artists K’naan and Ne-Yo, which drew 355,000 views worldwide.

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