Basil: smart recipe app for iOS that helps you find, organize and cook recipes

basil_app_iOSFor many chefs and cooks, the Internet is a wonderful source of recipes. But it can be tedious to have to visit so many different websites to find the recipes you need. And especially when you can easily download these recipes, it becomes difficult to track and organize them efficiently. But with the Basil Recipe Manager, you can do that and more. Basil is a smart recipe app for iOS that helps you find, organize and cook recipes – all in one app.

Oh, and whats cool about this recipy app is that you can save recipes from the world’s best recipe websites like Food Network, Serious Eats and All Recipes with one tap. Totally, worth a download, yo!


  • This is a free recipe app for the iPad and iPhone, and it needs iOS 9.0 and 10.9 MB of memory space.
  • It searches all the most reputable websites for you so you can save your recipes with just one tap. You can also add your personal recipes so they’re all in one place, and you can consult these recipes offline.
  • Just add the recipes you want to prepare, and Basil makes a list of all the ingredients you’ll need. They’re even sorted by aisle so you’re not dashing off to the same places in the market. And you also get healthier alternatives for some of your ingredients.
  • The text is nice and big so you can use them as you cook, and the ingredients become gray so you know which ingredients come next as you prepare your dishes. You also get a timer and measurement units are also converted.
  • Recipes are automatically tagged by ingredients, and you also set the cuisine category as well. And you can also add photos to your recipes.

Download:  iOS

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