Break your bad habits with the HabitBull app

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our bad habits, and when you’re all grown up it can be difficult to form a new one. That’s bad news if you’re trying to get rid of a bad habit like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy snacks, or even just nail-biting. And it’s also not good if you keep on forgetting what you should do regularly, such as exercising or taking your medications at a set time each day.

But with the HabitBull app for Android (download), you can go a long way towards getting rid of bad habits and developing new ones. HabitBull is a powerful and flexible companion which helps you keep track of your day to day habits and routines.

Cool Features …

  • You get reminders for each new habit you want to develop, such as to take your medications, drink water every two hours, or stand up from your desk for just 5 minutes every hour.
  • You can then track multiple habits and see how often you succeed in doing something regularly.
  • To help you out, you even get inspirational quotes and motivational images for different types of habits.
  • You can sync multiple devices that contain this app, and you can also integrate it with Google Fit.
  • The interface of the app is very clean, and it’s quite easy to use. It’s simple, but it works.

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