Guiding Your Startup Through Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a strange optical illusion that occurs about every ninety to one hundred days, lasting for a little over three weeks, when Earth moves ahead of Mercury as each planet orbits around the sun, making it appear as though Mercury is moving backwards. Being that the planet Mercury is named for the Roman god of communication, commerce and speedy travel, this cosmic phenomenon is described by astrologers as a time the aforementioned things get knocked out of whack. Signals get misinterpreted, travel becomes interrupted or delayed, mechanical devices malfunction, business deals can go awry. In other words, when it comes to chaos, all bets are off. Such a state of affairs indeed can present a challenge for startups.

With that in mind, there are a number of good behavior patterns that will help you steer into the skids, if you will, that occur during this strange and frustrating period.

  • Know when Mercury’s retrograde cycle comes, and be prepared. Retrograde calendars can be found online. The information is only a Google search away.
  • Square away all financial matters in a timely fashion. In other words, pay your bills on time, preferably early. You might do well to leave a credit on the accounts, just in case. In the worst case scenario, it could prove to be cheap insurance against accounting errors on the part of debtors and creditors alike.
  • Be fiscally conservative, and avoid reckless spending.
  • Be introspective, but avoid cavalier self-indulgence if you can.
  • Try not to be impulsively ambitious, but contemplate goals for the future.
  • Think carefully before making any big decisions. Consider all the facts before you sign on the dotted line, figuratively or literally for ANYTHING. Make sure that you are getting enough information, and chew it over well.
  • Take time to examine all machinery necessary for any tasks that may arise in the interest of making double sure it is in perfect working order. If possible, a well-trusted second opinion could not hurt.
  • Make travel arrangements outside of retrograde cycles. Travel only when necessary, and if possible, get an early start, in case of delays.
  • Drive carefully, and in a defensive and circumspect manner. Being that Mercury affects travel, car accidents are not uncommon during a Mercury retrograde cycle.
  • Be patient, keep an eye out for humor within a difficult situation, and don’t forget to smile.
  • Be extra aware of body language. Look through a person when you speak to him or her, instead of looking just at him or her.
  • If and when misfortune occurs, challenge yourself to turn the tables so that the situation works in your favor.
  • Be as polite as you can, as chances are a Mercury retrograde cycle is making not only you but everyone around you the least bit confused, frustrated and quite possibly irritable.


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