Indemnification Notice

Event Partners and Attendees (as defined herein below) for CreativeWhiz, Inc. (The parent company of Schmoozd and – Los Angeles, CA, USA are solely responsible for any and all claims for losses, costs, damages, death, disability and/or personal injury which occur during a CreativeWhiz, Inc. (Schmoozd) Events.

The Event Partner and Attendee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lead Organizers against any and all liability, claims, suits, losses, costs and legal fees caused by, arising out of, or resulting from a CreativeWhiz, Inc. Events.


[1]  An “Event Partner” shall mean an organization or individual who demo or showcase product and/or service during a CreativeWhiz, Inc. event.

[2]  An “Attendees” shall mean an individual who attend a CreativeWhiz, Inc. event.

[3]  A “Lead Organizer” shall mean an organization that has promoted and provided curation and marketing consultation.

[4]  An “Event” shall mean a panel discussion, presentation, talk, workshop, mixer, demo, or cocktail reception.

The Lead Organizers of the event are hereby:

[1]  CreativeWhiz, Inc., and its agents, employees, parent, affiliates, officers, directors, consultants, volunteers, and representatives.

Event Partner and Attendee shall indemnify and hold harmless CreativeWhiz, Inc., its affiliates, employees, officers, directors, and volunteers from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, judgments, damages liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising directly or indirectly from: (i) breach of this Agreement, negligent acts or omissions, or willful misconduct of Event Partner and Attendee (including all its employees or agents, whether or not approved) and/or (ii) any representations by Event Partner and Attendee relating to the Event.  CreativeWhiz, Inc. shall give Event Partner and Attendee prompt notice of any matter for which it has an indemnification obligation. As between the parties, CreativeWhiz, Inc. will control the defense of such action and settlement negotiations.

NOTE:  All events, prices, personalities, performances, venues, dates and times subjects to change without notice.  No refunds or exchanges.

Updated on July 1, 2016

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