Ink: Delicious Modern Cuisine from Top Chef fame, Michael Voltaggio

Chef Michael Voltaggio of Top Chef fame has made a splash in the local dining scene of Los Angeles. Serving his unique creative vision, telling his story through a series of small plates. Ink focuses on gathering people over the small plates of food that’s meant to be shared with one another. Chef Michael’s creations are conversation pieces in themselves. They are entitled in such a straightforward way as if you are describing a work of art. For the safer options, the egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom brown butter, and hen of the woods dish is comforting, flavorful, and a delight in texture. For more adventures plates, you can try the octopus, ink, shells, young fennel, and pimenton dish, which will blow you away.

What’s true about Ink’s food is that it’s better left experienced personally than read in a review. The impeccable attention to detail, as well as the signature bursts of unexpected flavors is all experiences that are difficult to put into words. This restaurant is always abuzz and teeming with foodies and yuppies who are in for that much-craved next best dining thing to talk about and add to their own “foodie repertoire”, so make sure to show up early or book a table way in advance.

8360 Melrose Ave #107, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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