Just Press Record app is a simple, professional audio recorder

There’s been a lot of attention paid to the Just Press Record app, as it’s been hailed as the Apple Watch App of the Year and it’s even been featured by the New York Times. But it’s actually a very simple app that records your thoughts and memos while you’re on the go. Moreover, it can record audio at any time, which makes perfect for students, audio professionals, and musicians.  A perfect record app for capturing ideas, thoughts and memos on the go.


  • This $2.99 app for the iPhone and iPad offers an Apple Watch app. It needs only 0.6 MB of space.
  • With a single tap of the smartphone screen, you can record any audio which you can then play back or edit in any iOS device.
  • Even if you just have an Apple Watch and your iPhone isn’t with you, you can record audio. What’s more, the recording will just transfer on your iPhone in the next time they connect to each other.
  • The recordings are saved straight to the iCloud Drive. Your recordings are limited only by your storage on the iCloud, as your recording time itself is unlimited.
  • Recordings are arranged by date and time, but you can also rename them so you can find them alter more easily.

Download:  iOS

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