Keep Track Of Your Stats With Mixpanel

As your startup conducts its business, it’s nice to know to see who is responding and how they are responding. That being said, it also would be nice to get as clear picture as possible of any statistics available.

Google Analytics has been popular for this very purpose in that it specializes in tracking page views. Mixpanel, however, emphasizes event tracking and offers real-time analysis, visitor retention analysis and even better funnel analysis than Google Analytics.

Although Mixpanel possesses several advantages over Google Analytics, both can be used concurrently. Not only that, you can use Mixpanel to follow Google Analytics-style UTM tags. In fact, Mixpanel offers the most precise real time view of user engagement right down to the second. You get to look at trends, see your users engage, and you get a comprehensive chart of your metrics week to week and from weeks before. With Mixpanel, you can track ANY action that specifically concerns you and your startup. That being said, by no means should it be any other way. The powers that be at Mixpanel believe very strongly that understanding the specific actions people take regarding your product or application is crucial to your success.

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