Living and working in Downtown Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the United States and the most populous in the state of California. At the heart of this city lies Downtown L.A (DTLA), the central business district and major industrial and residential hub. There you can find a growing population of 58,702 people, key businesses and retailers. Also, the city’s metro rail system, vast employment opportunities, and a vibrant cultural, entertainment, and arts scene.

It was established in 1781 by settlers who walked from what is now Mexico. What you’ll find in Downtown LA today is a mix of modern skyscrapers and historical buildings that have been reused for present-day purposes. The downtown is subdivided into sections. Among these are the Arts, Financial, and Industrial Districts, Historic Core, Bunker Hill, and Skid Row.

More than 10 million tourists visit DTLA annually. This is partly because of its temperate climate, partly because it’s so accessible from whatever side of the Los Angeles basin. Also, because of the fact that whether one is a tourist, resident, or office worker, it does not run out of exciting things to offer.


This thriving metropolis is always buzzing with activity. For one, DTLA is where you’ll find the world-famous Staples Center. This is the home base of many of LA’s sports teams. Most notably the Lakers for basketball and the Kings for hockey. The Dodger Stadium and the LA Coliseum, for baseball and football respectively, can also be found here.

Natural History Museum-minIf you’re interested in art, you will definitely enjoy the world-class exhibits, galleries and museums scattered around the area. This includes the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Natural History Museum of L.A. The Art District appeals not only to art lovers, but also to companies craving for a change from their usual modern office set-ups.

DTLA also has vintage theaters like The Orpheum and large performing arts hubs like the Music Center and Microsoft Theater. There you can catch live performances, concerts, musicals, awards shows, plays, and conventions.

There may be a flurry of activities happening, but you will never go hungry here because there’s also a myriad of great restaurants to choose from. This includes the iconic Bottega Louie and the Spanish-fusion restaurant Bäco Mercat. After a busy day at work, DTLA is also a great place to wind down.  You can find many bars, clubs, and lounges that set its nightlife abuzz.

Lastly, far from being a place where only buildings and skyscrapers thrive, DTLA also has a lot of parks and green spaces. Families and nature-lovers will also find their place here.


Downtown Los Angeles may be the central business district where people work and play, but it’s also a place with a lot of educational opportunities. Those who want to launch their creative career can check out the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM).

Another notable institution is the University of Southern California (USC). The USC also offers an executive MBA program for current managers through its Marshall School of Business. Others are the downtown campus of UCLA, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Loyola University’s School of Law, and the Colburn School of Performing Arts.

Notable companies

Downtown LA’s economy is dependent on several key sectors.la_fashionDistrict

  • Hospitality and tourism. With 7,961 hotel rooms (and 2,700 more under construction) serving leisure and business travelers, it’s not surprising to see that DTLA’s industries is led by hospitality and tourism. This forecast also shows that tourism figures as well as leisure and hospitality job counts are constantly growing and about to reach record highs.
  • Fashion. LA County itself offers more than 87,000 jobs in the fashion industry, even surpassing New York in workforce numbers. DTLA is where you can find the LA Fashion District and attend the LA Fashion Week, so the job opportunities involving all aspects of fashion really abound in this area. Los Angeles County also has the most manufacturing jobs out of all the counties in the US, with the largest contributor being apparel.
  • Tech Companies. Computer and electronics are a big contributor to Downtown Los Angeles’ manufacturing space. But more and more, tech companies are also building their own name and transforming DTLA into a viable tech community. A venture capital firm has estimated that there are 78 tech-oriented firms in DTLA, from co-working spaces and digital media to mobile apps and hardware. This boom in the tech space is perfect because young professionals actually find Downtown LA’s vibrant cultural scene enticing.

Economic – Why You’d Want a JOB Here

Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of LA country, so if there’s one place that’s teeming with job opportunities, it’s this. Even if you’re not so interested in the hospitality, tourism, fashion, and manufacturing industries, the tech industry is booming and many tech companies have set up shop here. This means that the possibilities are practically endless.

It’s also good to note that DTLA has undergone some sort of renaissance in recent years, with new buildings, entertainment centers, and other attractions being constructed left and right. This makes Downtown LA ripe with opportunity, and the booming economy can also be seen when one looks at the growing residential numbers. Since 1999, 22,703 units have been built, and there are now 10,000 more units under construction. The 95%+ rental occupancy rate is an indication that there is a real demand for real estate, and more employees are seeing the advantage of moving to Downtown LA, right where the action is.

If you’re interested in the possibility of finding employment in a thriving tech space, then Downtown LA is definitely the place you should look at. Numbers indicate that this industry will only grow bigger in the coming years, so it’s better to strike while the iron is hot. You can check out all of these employment opportunities by visiting the job boards at, for this is where you’ll find all the cool jobs that are available in the area.

blankspaces_dtlaCoworking Spaces

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