Living and working in Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a seaside metropolis in Orange County. It is located in the coastal center, with Los Angeles County to the north and San Diego County to the South. It has a total land area of 53 square miles, with more than 50% of which is water. Its area of jurisdiction encompasses Corona del Mar, Balboa Island, Lido Peninsula, Balboa Peninsula, San Joaquin Hills, Newport Coast, Sta. Ana Heights and West Newport. It has a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm to hot summers and mild to cold and wet winters. It has a current population of over 85,000, but during summer days, its population increases by 20% with an average of 20,000 tourists daily. It has a multi-cultural city, with a fairly large number of Non-Hispanic White descents and Latinos. The city executes a council-manager form of government and it is dubbed as the most Republican city in California.


Newport Beach has the largest recreational harbor in the west coast, so you will never get bored here. Whether you are into outdoor sports, luxury shopping, recreational activities, nightlife and live music, food and culinary, or arts and culture, this place has it all.

Newport Beach has always been popular among surfers since 1905. It features metropolitan beaches from the Sta. Ana River to the end of the Balboa Peninsula, including the seaboards at the Crystal Cove State Park. Aqua sports enthusiasts will surely have fun at The Wedge – a spot situated at the endmost east of Balboa Peninsula famous for its large, wedge-shaped waves that is perfect for surfing, skim boarding, body surfing and body boarding.

It is also a popular place for boating activities like sailing, rowing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Yacht clubs along the area usually organize public competitions every weekend during summer. People can join in competitive rowing, canoeing, kayaking and outrigger canoe racing. It is also a very known place for fishing in fact there are over 80 fishable species that can be found along the area.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and Crystal Cove State Park. People can enjoy outdoor recreational activities in these places like bird watching, hiking and camping. These parks also feature mountain bike trails, backcountry hiking and tide pools.

Corona del Mar and Balboa Island are popular destinations among shoppers and diners. Both place feature luxury shopping places and boutiques. Popular destinations include Fashion Island – an upscale open-air lifestyle center located in Corona del Mar.


One of the many reasons why families choose to settle in Newport Beach is the availability of high quality educational institutions in the area. There are a total of 29 public schools and 7 private schools in the NB area alone while there are almost 60 schools available within 15 miles of the city. Their notable public college includes University of California Irvine (UCI), Irvine Valley College, Orange Coast College and California State University.

It is also home to several outstanding private institutions including Concordia University in Irvine, Vanguard University of Southern California, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange Country and The Art Institute of California Orange Country.

Notable Companies

Newport Beach’s economy is determined by the following key sectors:

  • Tourism Industry. Newport Beach’s economy is mainly dependent on its tourism sector. The tourism industry is a central component of NB’s economy, supplying jobs and revenue into the community. Tourists are typically attracted to its ideal coastline location. Its hospitality industry is very strong, which includes accommodation business, recreational centers, events hub and culinary places. This sector has experienced a great revenue increase in the past years, giving economic multiplier benefits to other sectors as well, including construction, banking, real estates, business services and transportation services.
  • Retail Trade Industry. The retail trade industry represents the second largest source of private employment in Newport Beach. Labor growth on recreational and specialty retail has been very evident for the past years. The availability of a lot of luxury shopping places in the area provides employment opportunities among locals. On the other hand, neighborhood retail like small convenient stores, souvenir shops and the like provides business opportunities to residents.
  • Fishing and Maritime Industry. Newport Beach currently houses firms that support the local fishing industry by purchasing processing catch. Additionally, NP’s maritime industry continues preserve its sea-faring heritage. Boat building, sail-making and chandlery businesses have been providing employment opportunities to locals for decades.

Economic – Why You’d Want a JOB Here

More people are considering moving to Newport Beach because of the employment opportunities this city offers. Statistically, unemployment rate here is 27% lower than the national average percentage. Additionally the income per capita in this city is a lot higher than the national average while its median household income is also higher than the national average. Because of its ever-growing employment demands especially on the hospitality sector, the city is always on the lookout for new hires and workers.

Furthermore, Newport Beach is an exceptionally livable city. Aside from its high income per capita, the city also offers a very stable housing market and a variety of local amenities. Crime rate in this metropolis area is also 20% lower than any city across California area. This city is also known for its high graduation rates, which makes it really ideal place to live in especially if you have kids.

Whether you want to work under the hospitality and tourism sector, retail and fashion industry or in other business sector, lots of employment opportunities await you at Newport Beach. You can start searching for jobs on HotStartupJobs. This site is definitely a great place to start your job hunting in Newport Beach area.

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