Living and working in Playa Vista, California

Playa Vista is an urban district situated west of Los Angeles. It’s home to business establishments specializing in technology, media and entertainment. From early 1940’s to mid 1980’s, Playa Vista was the HQ of Hughes Aircraft Company. But it was only in 2002 that the area started to focus more on developing its residential, commercial and retail areas. The unincorporated portion of Marina del Rey serves as its boundaries in the northwest and Playa del Roy to the southwest. It currently has a population of at least 33,000 with more than 13,000 households.

The neighborhood has a very ethnically diverse population and you’ll see Latinos, Whites, Asians and African-Americans here. The area’s climate is classified as Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm to hot summers and mild to cold wet winters. Residents usually experience below freezing temperatures in January.

Playa Vista used to be the home of Tongva Native Americans and in fact there is a Tongvan sacred burial site situated in the area that has about 1,000 Native American remains. Before it became home to Hughes Aircraft Company, Playa Vista was a land consisting mostly of marshes or swamps connected to a large salt marsh in what is today known as Marina del Rey.


Playa Vista features an endless network of parks and recreational amenities as well as shopping centers, dining establishments and entertainment places. This district takes pride in having more parks per acre than in most South California cities. There are currently 19 green parks here today and they are still in the process of adding 12 more in the near future. Some of these parks are the Sports Park, Campus Central Park, Crescent Park, Celedon Gardens and Ballona Discovery Park. Outdoors sports enthusiasts will enjoy the courts and fields in the area that are best suited for all kinds ball games. Alfresco fun activities such as small concerts and outdoor movies are also usually held in parks surrounding the city.

People who love to shop and are always on the look out for great culinary places will have fun strolling at the Runway – Playa Vista and the Westside’s newest social and retail epicenter. Also situated in the area is the Concert Park and Fountain Park that feature upscale retail shops, cafés, restaurants and health centers.


One of the many things people consider when moving to a certain area is the availability of quality schools. Although Playa Vista’s schools are limited to public schools operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District, there are numerous good private and public schools located within the 15 mile radius of PV. Some of which are Westside Neighborhood School, Wildwood School and St. Anastasia School.

Colleges and universities near the district are Loyola Marymount University (LMU), The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Argosy University, Career Colleges of America and Westwood College.

Notable Companies

Playa Vista’s economy is dependent on the following sectors:

  • A great portion of Playa Vista’s economic stability comes from the tech firms in the area. A lot of people know that it hosts some of the world’s biggest technology players including 72andSunny, Facebook, Google, The Honest Company,  and Youtube. Additionally, you can find a lot of media companies, advertising agencies and university-affiliated institutions along the mile and a half stretch of PV. Because of this, the area has created a lively community of young, skilled and ambitious employees that is continuously attracting more related firms and organizations.
  • Recreational Sector. There are a number of recreational facilities in the area, which gives a great amount of employment opportunities to its residents. Because of its ideal environmental location, more investors are getting interested in opening more establishments focusing on leisure, fun and relaxation. Having said that, this could only mean more job openings for locals who specialize on such skills and more revenue generated for the district.
  • Retail Sector. Playa Vista is slowly becoming the fashion and culinary hub of the Westside. Because of this, more retail shops are opening in the area giving more job opportunities to the residents.

Economic – Why You’d Want a JOB Here

More and more people are getting attracted to living in Playa Vista because of the wide range of job opportunities it has to offer. Because of the growing number of tech companies as well as media firms and advertising agencies investing here, the locality is always on the look out for fresh talents, skilled workers and new hires.

Aside from the high employment rate, it is safe to say that Playa Vista is an exceptionally livability community. Although most of the condo rentals and houses in the area are quite pricey, other cost of living expenses are quite low compared to other cities in South California. It also features good public transport system including Los Angeles Metro and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus. Additionally, considering the high median income (higher than the national average) this city offers, having a little bit higher than the normal cost of living is quite fair. It is also worth mentioning that Playa Vista has a 57% lower than national average crime rate.

If you are one of the many people who are considering moving to Playa Vista but are still undecided because you are concerned about whether you can find suitable employment here, don’t worry because the city has a great number of employment opportunities to offer. With the right educational background and skills, especially if you specialize in technology, finding a job in Playa Vista is not at all difficult. If you are looking for a stable employment here, you might want to start looking at HotStartupJobs. On this site, you can browse through numerous employment opportunities and job openings.

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