Mixpanel: The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web

Mixpanel is an analytics platform designed for the web and mobile applications. The company behind the platform was founded in 2009, and helps clients in tracking product usage, measuring conversion rates, and understanding user retention.

With Mixpanel, digital and mobile companies can keep track of ‘actions’ of their clients. Actions can be a photo posted on Instagram, or liking a content posted on Facebook. Today, Mixpanel tracks more than 30 billion actions for its customers on a monthly basis.

Instead of focusing on the number of homepage visits, Mixpanel gets into the details. Through reports generated by Mixpanel, mobile and digital companies can know more about their customer behavior like the number of times customers visit their websites, or how many of their online visitors were able to discover their websites through a Google search result.


  • Retention Reports- lets customers analyze details to fully understand customer buying behavior. For instance, a shoe company would be able to know how many of its customers who visited its website eventually bought a pair of shoes, and how many of them returned to buy again.
  • Funnel Creation- funnels are visuals that show and measure how clients moved through a series of events. By creating funnels, Mixpanel can show the number of users who visited a hotel website, and how many of them searched for a room, and then the number of clients who eventually booked one.
  • People Analytics- lets clients know conduct surveys and reach out to their clients by sending messages.

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