Once is reimagining the way photo stories are edited, distributed, and experienced

Once is a new magazine of photo stories exclusively for iPad. Once is an intuitive, surprising, and sharable magazine of the world’s best photography. Once publishes both long-form stories and freshly reported news, often timely, always in depth. It’s a classic format reimagined for the tablet age.

Rooted in the journalistic tradition, Once works with professional photographers and writers to create complete stories. The magazine doesn’t aggregate images from the internet and doesn’t publish slideshows—every piece is a curated exploration of the human experience.

Each issue of Once holds three stories from around the globe, all with introductory essays and captioned images. Select stories also include cleanly integrated audio clips, videos, maps, and infographics.

The magazine brings visual storytelling to a new generation of readers. Great stories, however, come from great storytellers, and Once is committed to keeping a vital pursuit a viable profession.

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