Schmoozd Partnering With Digital Marketing Firm Sachs Marketing Group for 2018 Events

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Schmoozd is excited to announce their recent partnership with Eric Sachs, Founder and CEO of award-winning digital marketing firm Sachs Marketing Group.

Since 2009 Schmoozd has sought to connect LA’s most influential makers and shakers through offline social events such as panels, mixers, launch parties, dinners, meetups, demo days, job fairs, StartupBash’s, and hackathons. Through decoding the startup life they’ve been able to help people network smarter and achieve their entrepreneurial goals, and now they’re taking that a step further.

In 2018, the exciting new events coming from Schmoozd will not only set the stage for the community to connect but also learn. Eric Sachs will be speaking at each of the four planned events, covering topics ranging from how mobile video can work for your business to creating interactive content that generates not only engagement online, but a return in leads or sales.

Sachs, a digital marketer and SEO virtuoso, began his career in internet marketing over 10 years ago, first in affiliate work and then as the Director of Marketing for a Southern California lead generation company. He always felt he was able to fill a missing piece in the digital marketing space, and in 2010 he created Sachs Marketing Group.

He started small with just one client and has built Sachs Marketing Group into a thriving and successful company. It has been recognized by Entrepreneur360 as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, was included in Inc. 5000’s 2016 list, as well as leading “best of SEO” lists from Top SEOs, Clutch, 10 Best SEO, and more.

But Sachs wanted to get back to the root of why he went into business: to be of service to business owners. His words of wisdom can be found online, on sites like Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Business to Community, and more. Through his partnership with Schmoozd, he hopes to reach a new audience of entrepreneurs hungry to learn how to grow their business better in the digital age.

Digital Marketing Agency
Sachs Marketing Group Office

The first event in 2018 will be in March and cover the growing trend of mobile video. Mobile video grew six times faster than desktop views in 2015, and if you’re not optimizing your videos for mobile viewing – or if you’re not creating videos especially for mobile on social networking sites – you’re missing out.

The second event will be held in June and take a look back at one of 2016’s highlights: Pokemon Go. The biggest take away from this viral phenomenon was augmented reality’s ability to drive real business results. Sachs will explore VR/AR further and explain how entrepreneurs can monetize it for their business.

The next event will take place in September. Buzzfeed has become famous for their quizzes, polls, and surveys, almost pioneering the trend of interactive content. But putting up a simple quiz on your blog isn’t enough to drive sales! There will be a deeper look into different types of interactive content, why it’s important to embrace it, and how to make it work for you.

The last event will be in December and take a look at the world of influencer marketing. In today’s skeptical society, influencers have more authority with their opinion than a purchased advertisement. The right influencers establish credibility through each social media post, and when working with the right ones they produce genuine creative content. Finding the right influencers, engaging them, and getting them to market your product is crucial for any business with a product to sell.

To attend any of these events, be sure to subscribe to Schmoozd’s monthly newsletter. You’ll get updated when the events open and be able to claim your spot.

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