SendGrind – Mass Emails Made Easier

Without question, running a successful startup requires a lot of communication, specifically thousands if not millions of emails being sent every month. That being said, not only can all that composing, forwarding, CCing, BCCing, and sending can be tedious and sometimes it might eat into time you could spend developing your new idea. Another major and unfortunately common problem is that not all of these emails reach their destination.

And in 2009, along came SendGrind, the service with a no-nonsense mission to handle email for startups, all the better to keep things simple and organized and save entrepreneurs not only the time and money to make their startups grow, but also endless hassle, to boot.

In addition to guaranteeing your emails reach their destination, SendGrind handles ISP monitoring, DKIM, feedback loops, domain keys SPF, link customization, whitelabeling, email integration, and so much more. You’ll have a pair of eyes to see all your requests, bounces, succesful deliveries, spam reports, invalid email requests, open tracking, click tracking, blocks and unsubscribed tracking, all in real time.

No matter how many people you have to talk to, SendGrind will meet your needs, and live support via phone or net is available on weekdays and if you are in an absolute jam, their critical incident support team will be ready to assist you.


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