Sotto: Hip spot for Neapolitan pizza & regional Italian cooking

Los Angeles is slowly becoming home to the Neapolitan pizza trend, and Sotto is among such pizza places that you can surely get your fix of that classic pizza. But you might ask, what makes Sotto different? They pride themselves in their baking method, as they use of an oven that burns at high temperatures ranging from 900 to a thousand degrees, resulting in a soft, chewy and pastry-like crust as opposed to some Neapolitan pizzas that lean more towards a crispy finish. Worth mentioning is their margherita pizza, which in its classic form highlights the unique flavors of simple Italian ingredients.

Chefs Zack Pollock and Steve Samson, owners of Sotto, have envisioned the restaurant to not only serve expertly crafted pizzas, but also specialize in southern Italian cuisine. Here you can find dishes reminiscent of traditional cuisine from the region with an added flair. A crowd favorite is their take on tomato sardine spaghetti refreshingly embellished by sultanas and pine nuts. Their squid ink pasta is a world on its own, featuring exotic, balanced flavors and great texture. Truly, Sotto has made its fine mark on the Neapolitan pizza scene, and if anything, it’s amongst the best places in town that celebrate the simple elegance of southern Italian cuisine.

9575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035


Photo by Sotto Restaurant

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