Top 10 Easy Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Is your energy flagging at work? Here are some ways to increase your productivity.

Working at a proper level of efficiency isn’t always easy to maintain, and everyone knows this. At some point or another, we’ve all felt unable to keep up with the work piling up. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed that we may even decide to give up or even switch careers for a change. Before you go to such drastic measures, you may want to try some simple techniques on boosting your work productivity instead.

  1. Master Your Emotions

When you have demanding superiors and seemingly unreasonable deadlines, it’s easy enough to feel stressed and anxious. Usually, you may react by getting into a bad mood or by just not caring anymore.

But what you can do instead is to realize that your reactions to stress depend on what you choose. You can choose to be a victim and feel bad, or you can decide what kind of mental attitude you wish to take to let you thrive. You can consciously decide how you will respond to any challenging situation, or you can just let things happen that can ultimately destroy you.

  1. Listen to Catchy Upbeat Tunes

Music is notorious for its ability to manipulate our emotions. Sad songs can make us weepy and mournful. But some songs are quick energizers that can really cheer you up fast.

The songs you pick depends on your own preferences, of course. But just make sure that they’re fast and they wake you up, instead of making you want to fall asleep. So perhaps don’t go for Enya, and go for some rock or dance music instead. Sometimes a great song that makes you want to dance and sing along and really wake you up and let your creative juices flowing.

Top 10 Easy Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity
  1. Stand Up and Take a Walk

Lots of productivity experts recommend that after every 30 minutes of work, you take a short 5-minute break to stand up from your desk. Walk around, get a glass of water, or go to the bathroom. The simple act of standing and walking around every half hour cab freshen up your mind.

Then after lunch, a longer 15-minute walk. This will give you the energy you need for the work in the afternoon. It will also offset the common tendency to want to take a nap after a full lunch.

  1. Do Something Fun during Your break

You don’t really need to walk around the block if you can’t leave the building. You can just do something fun instead of for just a few minutes. You can take some time for a quick Facebook chat or read a short article about something that piques your interest. You can even play games that can be completed in just 3 to 5 minutes.

When you’ve been working at your job long enough, you probably know when you tend to feel sleepy or when there’s a lull in the work. That’s when you do the fun stuff. It will wake you up enough to give you more energy for the more challenging tasks that the workday still holds for you.

  1. Hide Your Phone Away

You know how some people say “Get thee behind me, Satan” when they want to avoid temptation? In the workplace, your smartphone is the Devil. It’s so easy to pick it up and to lose yourself with texting, social media, Internet surfing, and games. Just about everyone has wasted some time with their smartphone while they’re supposed to be working.

So what should you do? At the very least, you need to put it on silent mode and keep it out of sight in a drawer or in your bag. In fact, it’s better if it’s not just hidden away but out of reach too. You won’t believe how many people confess to having one of their most productive days ever when they forget to bring their smartphone to work.

  1. Don’t Be Too Antsy with Your Email

Lots of people monitor their email continuously, with one tab dedicated to their inbox. Some apps even have notification popups and sound to tell you when a new email message comes in. However, these emails will constantly interrupt your workflow and reduce your productivity.

Unless you have to respond to an emergency message, your best option is to ignore all these emails and to get on with your work. You can just check your emails at designated times. Perhaps you can check them during the first 15 minutes at work, and then afterward you can again check your inbox in the last 15 minutes of the workday before you get home.

  1. Organize Your Email

Email use is a sticky subject in the workplace, and there’s no doubt that it can really waste a lot of time and effort. It helps, however, if you take some time to label emails depending on the sender. You can use time-to-respond labels to help you, so your emails can be labeled as Immediate, End of the Day, Tomorrow, or End of the Week. With these categories, you can now exactly when you should respond to all your email messages.

Here are few ideas to improve your workspace as well.

Top 10 Easy Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity
  1. Use the “Do Not Disturb” Mode on the Internal Chat System

When you’ve got coworkers pinging you with a message every minute, it’s going to be very difficult to keep your mind on your work. So you can always go in the Do Not Disturb mode when you’re trying to concentrate on something important.

What about if your coworker wants to give you an important message? Don’t worry about it. If it’s really important, they can always come to you in person.

  1. Don’t Worry about Your Competition

Some people like to judge themselves by comparing how they’re doing with the efforts of their co-workers. It’s like a race and you keep on looking over your shoulder to see who’s coming up behind you. But focusing on others can reduce your confidence in yourself. You’ll also lose a lot of time, plus you’ll get a reputation as a busybody.

So let go of the rat race concept. Just concentrate on your job instead.

  1. Consider the Big Picture

Lots of people suffer from productivity reduction because they don’t feel that their efforts are properly valued. When you’re dealing with drudgery and tedium, it really is too hard to muster the enthusiasm you need to work productively.

But you can simply consider the tedious work you do as part of the sacrifice you need to make in order to advance. Just concentrate on your current work and you’ll gain the experience you need to get ahead with the company.

All these 1o techniques are recommended by productivity experts, so why not try them out? They’re easy enough, and it may turn out much better for you after all!

For more ideas, here are new 15 productivity habits.

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