Why Schmoozd?

img_gray1Networking events are a key element to business success. They provide ample opportunity for brand positioning, contact establishment, future mergers, and personal marketing. There is strength in numbers. All companies have a vested interest in securing the support of a business friend (formally labeled as b2b [business to business] commerce). For aspiring businesspersons seeking some social capital, a networking conference is the prime spot to be.

If you’re in a startup, it’s all about bootstrapping. Doing everything you can to maximize your dollars to make an impression in the market. Meeting as many people, connecting with as many potential customers, getting the word out. It’s about being bold, being smart, and working tirelessly to make it happen.

At Schmoozd, we get all that. The good news? With the recent jump in social media and online tools, making that impression and connection with your audience has never been easier. With Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email and all the other channels out there, you don’t have to rely on spending lots of money to reach people.

The bad news? It’s still a ton of work. It takes discipline and an effective approach. A strategy. A tactical plan.  Social media is not a magic bullet and probably not the solution to banking a business on. With everyone else using these tools, sometimes indiscriminately, it’s getting harder and harder to get your message separated out from the SPAM, canned responses and overall social static.

Schmoozd develops and executes exclusive social networking events at great venues where quality people exchange ideas, strategies, and tactics.  Whether you have a hot piece of software, a product you want to sell at retail, or just some cool information you want to get in front of people, this is a good place to start.


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